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Introducing HesabPay: The Revolutionary Mobile Payment Solution for Afghanistan

Kabul, 01/07/2023 – HesabPay, a leading innovator in financial technology, is proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of HesabPay, a cutting-edge mobile payment solution designed to revolutionize the way Afghans manage their financial transactions. HesabPay is set to release on July 1st, offering a comprehensive range of features and seamless integration with major banks and telecom providers in Afghanistan.

HesabPay introduces a new era of convenience, security, and efficiency in financial transactions. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, HesabPay allows users to effortlessly handle various financial needs from their smartphones. Here are some of the key features that make HesabPay the ultimate choice for mobile payments in Afghanistan:

Broad Banking Integration: HesabPay works seamlessly with most banks across Afghanistan, providing users with a unified platform to manage their accounts, transfer funds, and perform other banking transactions.

Telecom Integration: Integrated with five major telecom providers in Afghanistan, HesabPay enables users to easily purchase mobile credit anytime, anywhere, and for anyone, making it the go-to solution for staying connected.

Instant Money Transfers: With HesabPay, users can send money to any of the 34 provinces in Afghanistan in a matter of seconds, and the best part – it’s completely free!

Cash Withdrawals: HesabPay offers the convenience of withdrawing cash from any HesabPay agent across all 34 provinces, ensuring easy access to funds whenever needed.

HD+ Packages: Enhance your entertainment experience with HesabPay by effortlessly purchasing HD+ packages, bringing the best TV content to your fingertips.

Secure Wallet: Opening a HesabPay wallet is quick and easy, providing users with a secure digital wallet to store funds and perform transactions with peace of mind.

Scan and Pay: Simplify your shopping experience with HesabPay’s scan and pay feature, allowing you to make secure and seamless payments at stores.

International Payment Integration: HesabPay supports funding your account with various international payment cards, including MasterCard, enabling users to conveniently add funds from anywhere in the world.

In addition to these features, HesabPay offers a range of benefits such as access to transaction history, round-the-clock customer support, and the ability to transfer funds between HesabPay and bank accounts.

“HesabPay represents a major breakthrough in mobile payment solutions for Afghanistan,” said Fazel Rabi Wardak CEO of HesabPay. “We are thrilled to introduce a comprehensive platform that combines banking, telecom, and other essential services into a single app, bringing unprecedented convenience to our users.”

To celebrate the launch, we are offering exclusive incentives and promotions to early adopters of HesabPay. Users can look forward to exciting rewards and discounts on various transactions.

HesabPay will be available for download on both Android and iOS devices starting July 1st. To learn more about HesabPay and stay updated on the latest news, please visit and follow HesabPay on social media.

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